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Top 10 WooCommerce Mix and Match Products Plugin 2022

1: WooCommerce Mix and Match Products Plugin

Product bundling is an effective sales technique that encourages customers to buy in bulk quantities and increases store sales by an average of 30%. WooCommerce Mix and Match Product Plugin does precisely that.

This all-in-one WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin allows you to create product list to boost your store sales and allow shoppers to custom pick their items. This helps customers make their own assortments of preferred items.

With customization options you can implement different pricing structures and allow customers to attach personal message with gift box. This entices customers by saving their valuable time and money when shopping from your store.


$29 – Starter Pack Annual License

WooCommerce Mix and Match Products Plugin

WooCommerce Mix and Match Products Features

  • Allow Customers to Add New Box Once Previous Box is Full (New)
  • Box View Layout (New)
  • Default Layout: Display Boxes Below Product Image & Description (New)
  • Displays Offered Products in a List View
  • Set Fixed Box Price
  • Per Product Price
  • Fixed Price + Per Product Price
  • Responsive & Mobile Ready Design
  • Customers can Attach Personal Message
  • Limit the Product Quantity for Each Bundle
  • Compatible with Product Variations
  • Set the Minimum No. of Products Required to Buy a Bundle
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Product Options Plugin
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin
WooCommerce Mix and Match Products Plugin

Create Multiple Mix and Match Products

With WooCommerce Mix and Match plugin you can allow customers to dynamically create their own assortment of products. You can create various types of bundles such as Shirts, Drinks, Lunch, Perfumes, and Desktop items etc. It provides displays all the offered products in a list view.

2. WooCommerce Mix & Match – Product Bundles Plugin

Mix & Match – Custom Product Boxes Bundle plugin for WooCommece offers your customers a choice to create the product bundles of their own choice, the plugins allows admin to set the bundle items individually or set the items from the specific categories, on the frontend the box product items will be fetched from specific product items or categories respectively. The plugin allows sending the message with the bundle in the order. The plugin supports multiple pricing types & multiple layouts with customizable grid columns.


$39 – Starter Pack Annual License

2. WooCommerce Mix & Match - Product Bundles Plugin

Product Bundles Plugin Features

  • Create product bundles from specific products.
  • Create product bundles from specific product categories.
  • Allow customers to send message with bundle in order.
  • Multiple pricing types, layouts & more options.
  • Allow customers to mix & match & create the bundles of their own choice from specific products & categories.
  • Minimum & maximum items’ quantity restriction.
  • Minimum & maximum amount restriction.
  • Show short description & a image for each box items.
2. WooCommerce Mix & Match - Product Bundles Plugin

Minimum/Maximum Items’ Quantity Restriction

The extension supports to restrict the box product to be added cart based on the items’ quantity restriction. for example if you want to restrict the item A quantity to 2, the customers will not be able to add the item A more than 2 times.

Minimum/Maximum Amount Restriction

The extension supports to restrict the box product to be added cart based on box totals. for example if you want to restrict the customers to mix & match items & create box of their own choice but the box’s totals should not exceed the total amount restriction or minimum amount restriction.

Show Items’ Details In The Popup

The plugin supports to show the short description & image for the box product items in the popup. The short description & image can be set in each items’ edit screen.

3. WooCommerce Mix & Match – Custom Product Boxes Bundles

Do you want to sell an assorted case of drinks? Cupcake Box? Pack of Shirts and Tie? WooCommerce Mix and Match is a perfect solution that allows your customers to create bundle product packs by simply adding products to box.

Sell products in bundle or packages, this module offers an easy way for your customers to filter and/or pick the items they need to compose a product. Your customers can create gift boxes of different items and send to their loved ones. You can limit the maximum and minimum number of items a customer can add to box. You can enable to suggest a list of items from which a customer will add products to the box. The solution works perfectly fine with simple products and variations.


$39 – Starter Pack Annual License

WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles

Features List of WooCommerce Mix and Match Module

  • Allow customers to create custom product box
  • Supports multiple layouts both vertical and horizontal, supports Sticky Sidebar On Scroll
  • Added – Supports to allow customers to filter products by category and add to box
  • Added – Supports shortcode to display box any where on site. Now simply use a shortcode like [box_product id=’19’]
  • Limit the quantity of products that can be added in a box.
  • Supports all product types, simple, variable etc.
  • Enable gift wrap message field to allow customers to write message or collect some necessary information.
  • Supports categories to load unlimted products for the box product.
  • Dynamic box price label feature added
  • Configure box color settings, grid or masonry layout and add description to box
  • Supports tax calculation for box
  • Allow customers to add products of their own choice
  • Multiple box pricing options
  • Option to charge shipping cost per product in box
  • Excellent UX On Mobile View
  • Out of stock labels support included
  • Compatible with Box product subscriptions plugin
  • Added – Quantity selection for product add-ons.
WooCommerce Mix & Match - Custom Product Boxes Bundles

Multiple Pricing Rules for WooCommerce Custom Product Boxes:

Fixed Pricing:

You can set a fix price of the box. The price will not change no matter how many products a customer adds to the box.

Price Per Product with Box Price (Fee):

You can add a fix price / fee for box so that the final price will be product price + box price.

Dynamic Price :

Let the price be calculated based on the products a customer adds to their box.

Pre-Filled Box and Minimum / Maximum Product Option:

You can choose to pre-fill the box by adding products from back office. Merchants can either pre-fill the whole box or partially refill to let customers fill the remaining by adding the products of their choice.

You can also make pre-filled products optional or mandatory. Customers will not be able to remove the mandatory pre-filled items. Define the minimum and maximum products that can be added to a box.

Gift Wrap Message Field Option:

The feature allows customers to send the message with gift box. The textarea & text fields are supported. The feature can als be used to collect some necessary information.

4: Mix & Match Pro Add-on for Subscription Plugin

Mix & Match Pro Add-on for Subscription Plugin

This plugin is an add-on that requires the woocommerce subscription plugin as well as woocommerce mix and match plugin by Progos to work.

Increase your revenue with scheduled and constant payments and supervise your business growth on timely basis efficiently. Allow your customers to include subscription products in custom product boxes and place orders immediately. The merchants can also change / edit the subscriptions from my account.


$19 – Starter Pack Annual License

5: WooCommerce Smart Bundle Product

Smart Bundle product is a new kind of composite product plugin that is used to create predefined sets of products (say it as a bundle). And that predefined sets are not changeable/modifiable from the front end. Just a one-click purchase is configured for this.

Likewise other Mix&Match or Multi step products, where users can add the products to the box as s/he wishes. But in the Smart Bundle Product plugin Admin has the right to set the bundle from backend and that bundle is buyable as it is from the front end. By this option admin can adjust the boxes and set the other campaigns or sale for the product as the admin knows exactly which products a smart bundle product owns.


$39 – Starter Pack Annual License

WooCommerce Smart Bundle Product

WooCommerce Smart Bundle Product Key Features

  1. Allows admin to make better decisions by micro selection of products and create a perfect package.
  2. Admin can create smart bundle product by choosing step by step products as addons.
  3. On the frontend, you can display or hide short description along with box and select where the position of title and product pricing.
  4. Configure label for Add to cart button.
  5. Admin can show / hide quantity selector.
  6. Multiple discount type such as
    1. Global discount that will apply on the price of whole smart bundle product.
    2. Addon level discount that will apply only on the price of addon
  7. Admin has option to use original inventory or virtual inventory.
  8. Smart Bundle product has option to calculate the addon prices automatically and set the Smart Bundle product price of the sum of the all addons
  9. Admin can show or hide product titles.
  10. Product titles can be clickable or non clickable. Easily adjustable on product level setting.
  11. Admin can show or hide product price and/or addon quantity.
  12. Automatically restrict smart bundle product to adding into cart if using original inventory and product addon is out of stock.
WooCommerce Smart Bundle Product

How It Works:

After you install this plugin, go to products, add/edit any product and you will find a new option ‘Smart Bundle’. In this section you can configure product level settings, enabled /disable price, quantity, show or hide titles and much more. Please see demo or snapshots for more information.

Inventory Reduction Type:

Admin can select either s/he wants to use original inventory or virtual inventory. If the original inventory is selected then the system will check the inventory of all addons of the specific (current) opened smart bundle product and if all addons are in stock only then the client can add items into the cart. If any addon is out of stock then the client/customer will not be able to add an item into the cart. Moreover, quantity will reduce in real time if the admin selects original inventory. While this will not be the case in virtual inventory.

Show Product Short Description:

Admin can set if s/he wants to display the short description of the Smart Bundle Product on the front end. There are multiple sub options for “Show Product Short Description”. Admin can show the short description above the title, below the title and below the box product layout.

Show Products Pricing:

Plugin has another option to display the addon pricing either after image or before image.

Show Products Titles:

Admin can set the product addons title position by this setting. This setting has two options. So, admin can either set the product addons title position to display either after image or before image.

Add to Cart Button Label:

Admin can set the “Add to cart” button label for Smart Bundle Products. By adding a label for the add to cart button, when someone visits the listing page then the add to cart button will display the set label.

Box Price Label:

Admin can set the box price label from this setting. After setting the label, this label will appear on the front end side before the Add to Cart button.

6: WooCommerce Products Wizard – Composite Product Builder

More than half of the customers have difficulties choosing products from plenty of stock and need help with it.

Bundle sales make the process easier and faster for a customer and make them happier giving them a bundle-discount and helping to make the right choice. At the same time, it allows for increasing the number of sales on the site.

The WooCommerce Products Wizard plugin enables mass-customization features for your store and gives your customers the opportunity to personalize their purchase using the product builder.


$45 – Starter Pack Annual License

WooCommerce Products Wizard - Composite Product Builder


  • Gift boxes
  • Software bundles
  • Personalized dishes
  • Customized services
  • Furniture configuration
  • Custom technics or mechanisms
  • And anything you can imagine within the plugin!
  • Get the plugin once to have unlimited sales boost!

7: Mix and Match Products

Selling cases of wine? A dozen donuts? Fruit baskets? Six-packs of T-shirts? Mix and Match is ideal for offering similar products in bulk containers. Perfect for encouraging customers to buy in bulk without forcing them to buy items that don’t interest them.

You set the size limit of the assortment (number of items needed to “complete” a container or pack) and define which items should be available to choose, while your customer maintains complete control over the quantity of individual products being packaged together.

Don’t like sugar donuts? A custom can order her dozen with all Boston cremes instead. Want five t-shirts, but don’t look good in yellow? A customer can buy 3 red and 2 blue. The choice is completely in the hands of the customer!

Mix and Match Products

Flexible Contents

Mix and Match supports selling simple products and product variations as part of a container. You can allow as many or as few items as you wish to be available in any given Mix and Match assortment.

Flexible Pricing

$79 – Single site Annual License

Mix and Match assortments can have a static price or be priced per item and totalled.

Flexible Shipping

Mix and Match assortments can be shipped together in one package, shipped separately, or not shipped at all.

Inventory Management

Products in the Mix and Match assortment are inventory-managed just like standalone sales, and the Mix and Match product container can be stock-managed, too.

Customizable Templates

Once set up, a Mix and Match product visually appears similar to a grouped product. Customers see a list of all available products and are allowed to assemble their assortment in any configuration.

Each part of the table (and the table itself) can be customized via template overrides, same as the rest of WooCommerce.

8: WooCommerce Product Tables by BARN2

The WooCommerce Product Tables is another popular plugin that lets you create a mix and match order form to allow visitors to build their own customized product boxes. You can use this add-on to make your products appear on individual rows of tables on your products page thereby, making it easier for your visitors to select the items to add to their product box.

You can create a logical category structure like a box or a hamper, individual products or variations, and include a gift wrapping option as well to help customers put together their WooCommerce mix and match product in a user-friendly way.

WooCommerce Product Tables by BARN2

Furthermore, it also supports the WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin that’ll help you configure and add more options to your mix and match products.

Key Features of WooCommerce Product Tables

  • Easily create tables anywhere on your website and list thousands of products
  • Add order forms and enable customers to order multiple products and variations in one click
  • Offer mix and match product option to your customers
  • Enable your customers to mix and match products in gift hampers or personalized product boxes
  • Works well with several WooCommerce plugins that can add more value to your mix and match products section


$99 – Starter Pack Annual License

9: Woocommerce Composite Products – A Smart Composite Box Product

Allow your customers to combine / bundle several individual goods or services step by step and create a drawer / grouped product for purchase. Users on the front-end can select a product from categories and create a bundle/drawer of their own choice.

Let’s take an example of clothing. In order to build a complete dress, your customers can choose items from different categories step by step. In first section, they can select shoes from ‘Shoe Category’, in second section they can select shirt from ‘Shirts category’, and so on.


$19 – Starter Pack Annual License

Woocommerce Composite Products - A Smart Composite Box Product

Admin can add and configure each section from backend and assign a category to it. On the frontend, each step appears as a section. Six steps mean six boxes will be shown on frontend, and likewise.

Once all the boxes are filled, customer may checkout with the tailored selection.

Woocommerce Composite Products Key Features:

  1. Allows customers to make better decisions by micro selection of products and create a perfect package
  2. Admin can enable step by step product selection. Each step appears as a box item on frontend.
  3. Admin can assign a category to each step so that customers can select different items in different steps
  4. On the frontend, you can display short description along with box.
  5. Configure labels for Add to cart button, Box price field and Add to Box button
  6. Select box color scheme
  7. Select Box price such as
    1. Regular price
    2. Products addons price only
    3. Regular price + Addons price
  8. Select layout for frontend such as 3 columns, 4 columns etc.
  9. Select layout for products which shows on frontend after you click on any box. This can be like 3 columns, 4 columns etc.
  10. Enable/disable product price
  11. You can give the discount on product.
  12. Enable/disable discount on product.
  13. Create number of steps as required and configure necessary information such as,
    1. Name of Step
    2. Title for Product layout
    3. Description for product layout
    4. Assign categories or individual products

10: WISDM Custom Product Boxes

The WISDM Custom Product Boxes is a powerful plugin that will take your WooStore miles ahead. It allows you to place power in your customer’s hands by letting them create their own assorted product bundles. In doing so, you can avoid what many businesses do – Force customers to buy things that don’t interest them.


$56 – Starter Pack Annual License

WISDM Custom Product Boxes

You can set limits to the size of the bundle and leave the rest of the aspects like quantity, color, size, etc. upon the customer’s choice. For e.g: In 5 Pack T-shirts, if the customer doesn’t like the orange color, he can choose 3 white and 2 blue or any color that he prefers. Moreover, you can even allow them to add a gift message in case they wish to gift the box to someone.

Key Features of WISDM Custom Product Boxes

  1. Empower customers to create their own assorted bundles as per their choice
  2. Create unlimited and flexible mix and match bundle’s product variations, quantity, and pricing
  3. Choose fixed or variable pricing types for your mix and match product bundle
  4. Set layouts, colors, and style of the bundles to maintain your brand identity
  5. Set up pre-filled product bundles and kits to increase your average orders
  6. Add simple or variable products to the bundle as per your requirements
  7. Set up Monthly or Yearly subscription boxes to generate recurring revenue

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