Top differences between IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE

IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE are undeniably intended to test your English capability while you’re applying to colleges abroad. Since most schools acknowledge any of these scores, it’s not difficult to become befuddled about which test to give. Utilize the 5 elements in this blog to analyze IELTS versus TOEFL versus PTE and figure out which will be more straightforward for you!

While picking which English capability test to give, it’s normal to banter between IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE. While certain colleges favor one test over another, you will find one test more straightforward to endeavor when contrasted with the other two. They have various examples, scoring structures, techniques for testing, and different benefits and inconveniences. So how about we cover this multitude of focuses as we take a gander at the deep rooted fight between IELTS versus TOEFL versus PTE and figure out which one comes out triumphant


The IELTS test is seemingly one of the most acknowledged English capability tests around the world. The test is perceived and acknowledged by in excess of 10,000 establishments and movement bodies from one side of the planet to the other.

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As per, multiple million IELTS tests were required in the year 2018 alone. Specialists believe that the comprehensive idea of this test is the motivation behind why it is more generally acknowledged than TOEFL and PTE. The test is directed north of 2 days and comprises of 4 areas, in particular perusing, composing, tuning in, and talking.


TOEFL is another generally acknowledged English capability test. It is especially standard among US colleges and schools to test abroad understudies’ language capacities.

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Like IELTS, TOEFL additionally comprises of four significant segments, and every one of them are currently directed online aside from certain nations.


Pearson Trial of English (PTE) is a solitary solidified test that incorporates both composition and talking segments. The test is led totally on the web. The quantity of foundations that acknowledge and perceive PTE scores is step by step expanding.

Additionally, a few states (Australia, New Zealand) have likewise begun tolerating PTE results for their visa processes.

IELTS versus TOEFL versus PTE Scoring

The significant contrasts among IELTS and PTE are their scores. Understanding TOEFL scores is genuinely simple since its four segments are separated into two halves, with each part’s score being 30.

Then again, PTE and IELTS give merged scores for the whole test, including all areas.

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In IELTS, the scores are additionally adjusted from 1-9 groups, and a score of 7 or more is thought of as great. While, PTE gives scores from 0 to 90, and getting something like 65 is considered great.

Despite the fact that there is no standard proportionality between the two, yet when we draw PTE versus IELTS score examinations, it is most likely the case that getting 7 groups in IELTS is equivalent to scoring 65 in PTE. Essentially, 9 IELTS groups are viewed as what could be compared to scoring 86 or more in PTE.

IELTS versus TOEFL versus PTE Perusing


The perusing paper has 3 sections with a sum of 40 inquiries isolated into various undertakings. The competitor is supposed to finish the paper in an hour. The inquiries in various undertakings range from different decision, matching data, outline marking, and distinguishing data (question type: valid or bogus). The appropriation of the quantity of inquiries in the undertakings isn’t fixed.

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The perusing segment of the test comprises of 3-4 different center entries (analyze/contrast, cause-impact). Every section comprises of 10 inquiries. The time assigned to this part can differ between 54-72 minutes, contingent upon the quantity of sections given in the test. The scores for this part of the test can go somewhere in the range of 0 and 30. You can investigate the TOEFL practice test for perusing here.


This part in PTE will keep going for 32 to 40 minutes. You should peruse sections and fill in the spaces, re-request paras, and endeavor single-answer MCQs during the test.

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