Tips And Tricks To Write A Compelling Story- A Beginner’s Guide

Every human has a story to tell. If you are a passionate writer or a reader who loves to live in a fantasy land but has no idea where to begin then here you are. Read this blog till the last and learn how you can write a compelling that will leave the reader hooked till the last sentence. 

Why story? Well, to write a story is to build a world of thoughts. So, if your dream was to become an author then why not start by writing short stories for magazines and online reading websites where readers gather and read together and grow into a large reading community? 

The fictional world is huge, creative, and filled with mysteries. If you read mysteries or suspense stories why not write one that exists in your mind? Let’s give those words wings to fly. You can write on anything, and create a story that you think your readers will relate to despite it being fiction. 

It can be any horror fiction, or maybe an old-school story or a screenplay. All of these need words that can be described in the best way possible. 

Let’s jump to that and learn the tricks that can help you write a story. But if you need an expert’s supervision and advice on writing a story then you should look forward to hiring story writing services. or if you want a story to be written by a professional writer then again you can explore the services. 

The good thing about professionals is that they know how to format, structure, and write content that can be visible to a large audience. Moreover, the more SEO-optimized content is the higher the chances that your story will be read by a global audience. 

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Tips And Tricks To Write A Story That Leaves Readers Involved

Before writing, make sure you have strong writing skills and vocabulary. Start will brainstorming and mind-mapping your ideas and then execute them into a compelling story.

  1. Make Characters Believable

You know the readers start to develop a bond with the character very soon. They will relate the story and the character’s role with theirs. So, to make sure that readers love reading the story till the last, you need to make the characters rememberable. 

  1. Add Conflicts

Well furthermore, you can add some conflicts since people love some drama. You can add internal and external conflicts that will only draw the reader’s attention. 

It is easy to grab the reader’s attention by adding a new character that will be the reason for a plot twist. 

  1. It Should Be Consistent 

The reason why stories become interesting is because they follow a pattern and all the events flow in motion. The moment readers find the story and character portrayal in descending and ascending motion they start to lose interest.

Make sure your story is not wandering around here and there. The events, characters, plot, and ending do not follow a pattern it will just be a boring story. 

  1. Avoid Cliches 

Readers don’t like cliches, instead, they are more interested in reading fresh content and vocabulary that is up to modern reader’s expectations. 

Repetitive content is not what readers are looking for instead they are much more interested in dialogues that are fresh out of the oven. 

  1. Show Not Tell

Show your readers not just tell means that you have to make the story felt with the right words. Use realism in your story as it is effective to make the reader feel what is going on in the story.

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Make them laugh, cry, and be angry just by the right choice of words. 

  1. Use Grammar Tools For Correction

Since you are a beginner you cannot afford to get your writing piece proofread by a paid service but you can use free tools. 

There are many tools available that detect grammar mistakes, spelling, and formatting. Analyze your content and look for where you lack and improve. 

  1. Add A Memorable Event

Just when you are about the story add a little memorable event that can make the story lasting for years. to make the text remembered for years, the writer has to show how creative they can go with words. 

It is not necessary that you have to add a real event instead create one that has emotions attached to it. 

  1. Do Not End Abruptly 

Lastly, never end the story and leave the reader in anger. No reader loves abrupt endings because right when they start bonding with the character the story ends.

When a story ends all of a sudden, reader’s attention is gone. So, always follow a pattern that flows according to the events happening in the story. 


So, to wrap the thought up, hopefully, you will find this blog helpful in writing a story.

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