The Sugar Heart Disease Connection – 4 Components of Metabolic Syndrome

The connection between sugar and heart disease can be dated to the low-fat diet or as it should be known – the high sugar diet plan which has been a total failure. The end result? Americans are getting fatter and much more diabetic at an epidemic rate.

We have seen a frightening increase in a condition known as the Metabolic Syndrome, or maybe Syndrome X. The Metabolic Syndrome is in fact a constellation of risk factors (increased belly fat, elevated serum sugar levels, high blood pressure, as well as lipid abnormalities) that often appear jointly in patients and it is directly connected to a heightened risk of coronary artery cardiovascular conditions, Type 2 Diabetes and stroke.

We now know that for those that have heart attacks, Metabolic Syndrome will very likely be the reason. And also the Metabolic Syndrome is brought on by too much sugar in the blood.

Metabolic Syndrome Symptoms

The initial indicator doctors are told to search for in diagnosing Metabolic Syndrome is the expanding belly extra fat, not the Dunlap’s illness or perhaps it Dun lapped over my belt, but the improvement of visceral fat or the type that is strong in the belly and surrounds the organs of ours.

This particular visceral belly fat makes chemical substances that cause inflammation and boosting sugar levels which leads to higher heart attacks. This implies that in case you’re overweight, there’s a good chance you’ve Metabolic Syndrome that is precisely why you’re learn more ( likely to use a heart attack or become diabetic (or perhaps both) than somebody who is not.

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This belly fat is induced by continually high sugar levels and high insulin levels which take your extra sugar and convert it to long chain essential fatty acids that are deposited directly into your belly making inflammation as well as sugar heart disease link much worse.

4 Elements of Metabolic Syndrome

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