Strawberries are an excellent source of polyphenols

About Strawberries

Strawberries are a tasty and tasty fruit that is irresistible. Along with being tasty in flavor, the aroma is deliciously sweet.

Strawberries are packed with essential nutrients that bring the world wonder for beauty and health.
A cup of strawberry has 32 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 91 percent of water that is consumed (1). Also, they contain Vitamin C, manganese protein, and folate as well as potassium, magnesium, and vitamin K.

Strawberries are an excellent source of polyphenols and antioxidants which play a significant role in combating cancer and improving health. The strawberry can help with sexual life and Malegra 100mg and Aurogra 100mg – ( is an alternative approach to combat ED.

Health benefits for the skin of Strawberries

Reduces the UV-Cause to the Skin

Strawberries are a great source of antioxidants, such as anthocyanin and ellagic acids.
Ellagic acid can help reduce sunburn caused by UV light and also block the collagen-related enzyme responsible for breakdown. 

The breakdown of collagen can cause wrinkles. Ellagic acid is also able to decrease inflammation reactions. It is a topical treatment that can be used to treat skin inflammation.

Anthocyanin imparts a red color to strawberries. It also acts as a neutralizer to free radicals, which accelerate when exposed to UV light. Free radicals may be associated with the degrading of collagen and elastin in the skin.

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Lowers Acne

For their vitamin C, they assist in reducing inflammation caused by breakouts.
Vitamin C is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

They also contain sodium ascorbic phosphate (SAP) which has been shown to improve the look of the skin. Research has shown positive results from SAP for treating pimples

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(2). Research suggests that low levels of antioxidants in blood may be linked to increased pimples (3). The increase in antioxidants through the right diet can help to reduce acne.

Cleanse and tone the skin and help improve the appearance of skin imperfections.

Alpha hydroxyl acids, found in strawberries, assist in the removal of dead skin cells as well as cleansing the skin.
In addition, the product is enriched with salicylic acid that can minimize hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 

Salicylic acid is present in a variety of products for skincare that eliminate dead skin cells as well as improve the appearance of pores by preventing the growth of dirt and bacteria that can cause breakouts.

Vitamin C present in the fruit keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful. It also serves as a toner that can soothe irritations on the face.

Softens and smooths the Feet

Strawberries, glycerine, and Oats are combined to create scrubs that help in removing the dead cells of skin that are accumulating on feet.
You can soak your feet sometimes in water. After that, put the mixture on your feet. Oats remove dead skin cells. Likewise, the vitamins that are found in strawberries can be used to treat skin imperfections as well as cracks on the feet.
After removing the mixture apply a moisturizer. Then, put on cotton socks to ensure the moisture stays in lock.
Maintains Healthy Nails
Biotin is the most important ingredient in nail polish.
A cup of strawberries has 1.6 milligrams of biotin. Strawberries also contain vitamin C and folate, which keep nails looking shiny and strong.

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Treats Eyes Puffy Eyes Treats

If you wake up with dark and puffy eyes, then strawberries may be a healthy and effective cure for those suffering from them.
The astringent qualities of strawberries provide a powerful natural remedy for eye puffiness and lessening inflammation.
Cut a strawberry into two pieces, then apply it to the eyelids. Rest until 15 minutes. Cut off the slices and scrub your face by using cool water. You’ll definitely see a stunning outcome.

Strawberry for Skin: A Topical Application that contains Strawberry and Eating Strawberry Healthy for Skin?

It is beneficial for both eating it and applying it.
If you consume strawberries, you’ll get all the vitamins and minerals that aid in fighting against oxidative stress and inflammation.
Applying it on the Skin will help to reduce signs of aging. The study revealed the benefits of anti-aging by using vitamin C-rich serum that contains strawberries applying micro-needling (4). It was observed that it enhanced the hydration and elasticity of the skin.

How can you make use of Strawberry to improve your Skin?

Here are some tips on how to get the maximum benefits from strawberries.

Strawberry Face Masks

Mash a few strawberries and mix them with honey or yogurt. You can also mix cream or milk. Apply the cream to the face and allow it to remain for a few minutes. Make sure you wash the mask with clean water.

Strawberry Juice

Select a few strawberries to juice and then. You can also add a little of lemon juice and sugar.
Drink this glass that is packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, and fiber, and enjoy the advantages.

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Strawberry Scrub

Mash a few of the strawberries, then add sugar to the mix. It is also possible to add a bit of oil from coconut or olive oil to create a smoother.
Use this mixture for scrubbing your skin to eliminate dead cells. You will notice smoother skin after doing this.

Other advantages of Strawberries

In addition to keeping your skin healthy and youthful, Strawberry has a lot to offer people regarding health.

Certain types of cancers can be treated

Reduces the likelihood of developing heart disease.

Prevents Type 2 diabetes

These benefits can be derived by taking in this delicious, tasty fruit. Find out ways to incorporate strawberries into your diet, and apply products infused with strawberries to treat your skin. You’ve now realized the benefits of this fruit.

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