Solved: How do I Import EML files into Outlook 365?

The question “How do I Import EML Files?” is one that is frequently sought online by many individuals. If you concur, you are on the correct track. Continue reading this technical article till the very end to find the best eBay to transfer EML files to Office 365.

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Despite this, each desktop email client has a unique purpose. However, users often switch between email clients on a regular basis. Users of desktop email clients also transition to EML in order to benefit from the upgrading capabilities.

Most email programs, including Outlook Express, utilize the standard file extension for electronic emails called EML. Users of this contemporary technology choose to work with dependable and adaptable systems. This is one of the main justifications for converting EML to Outlook 365.

A cloud-based platform called Outlook 365 or Office 365 provides more functionality and increased security. Therefore, people like using a cloud-based platform like O365 to store their data. Only those with internet connectivity will be able to instantly access all the data saved here, regardless of time or location.

Do you know how to import EML into Outlook 365 at this point? If you replied “no,” then carefully read the next section.

How can I manually import EML files into Outlook 365?

You should be aware that there is no direct way to transfer EML files to Office 365. You must carry out two conversion steps in this workaround.

Import EML into Outlook PST.

To convert and import EML files to Outlook, you may utilize the drag-and-drop functionality integrated into Windows Live Mail. You can drag and drop EML files into a folder using this capability, and Outlook will then import the folder. The stages for doing this process are as follows:

  • Get Windows Live Mail and Windows Explorer running on your machine. Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the EML files folder.
  • Allow the windows to be both visible and open.
  • Next, drag every necessary EML file from Explorer and place it into the WLM’s Messages folder.
  • Next, navigate to File>>Export>>Email Messages in WLM.
  • Select the Exchange or MS Outlook check box, and then click OK.
  • You’ll see that Outlook has already launched in the background.
  • To choose the folder containing the EML files, click the ‘Selected Folders’ button.
  • To complete the ongoing export process, press OK and then Finish.
  • Make sure that the whole EML mail is now accessible in MS Outlook in the last step.
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Although the aforementioned approach is effective for performing the conversion operation, it has several disadvantages. For instance, converting a large number of EML files takes a lot of time and requires an Exchange server. It also results in the loss of attachments. Now carry out the following conversion workaround step:

Import the Generated EML file into Office 365 in Step Two.

As a result, we have covered the two processes—importing EML to Outlook. EML files will be exported to Office 365 if these procedures are correctly carried out. You can clearly see that these procedures are lengthy and subject to certain circumstances from this point on. Professionals specifically advise against using the described techniques if you are a non-technical user, a rookie user, or if you don’t have enough time.

You can thus choose to use a third-party program to get around these effects and successfully complete the entire import procedure. Software like Softaken EML to Office 365 Importer is one of these tools.

Once the EML files have been successfully converted to Outlook PST,

Follow the instructions below to Proceed:

  • Download, install, and launch the EML File Converter Tool.
  • Now, click on the Browse button to choose the EML files.
  • Click next after selecting the folders from the tree structure.
  • Select Hotmail or Office 365 from the drop-down menu.
  • To log in, enter your O365 ID and password.
  • Check the necessary software features and click Convert.
  • Finally, all your EML file data is imported into the O365 account.


I wish you luck in successfully exporting EML files to Office 365 after reading this post. Here, we’ve described a manual workaround with two steps and a professional fix. You may choose any technique to solve the problem of “How do I import EML files?” depending on your requirements and preferences.

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