How To Pick The Best Get Well Soon Flowers

Have you ever visited a sick friend in the hospital only to be overwhelmed by the selection of flowers available in the gift shop? There are bouquets of roses, tulips, lilies, and more – it can be hard to pick just one. But fear not, choosing the right get well soon flowers is easier than you think once you understand a few principles.

Recipient’s personality and interests

First, consider your friend’s personality and interests. If they are a nature lover, floral prints might do the trick. But if they enjoy technology or sports, something more masculine like cheerful sunflowers or brightly colored daisies could lift their spirits. 

Choose flowers with healing properties

Research also shows the psychological benefits of certain flowers. And, flowers with healing properties can speed recovery. Lilacs, for instance, have been found to relieve stress and promote feelings of happiness due to their sweet scent. Get well soon flowers bouquet with lilacs and tulips are always a safe bet. Tulips symbolize perfect wishes for good health and were historically believed to ward off evil spirits. Your friend is sure to appreciate your thoughtful selection.

Pay attention to the color scheme

Color is another important factor to consider when choosing get well soon flowers. Vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows send a message of energy and hope for renewed strength. Pastel pinks and light purples convey comforting feelings of relaxation and calm. Steer clear of dark or heavy shades as those colors may unintentionally remind someone of illness or sadness. When getting get-well flower delivery in West Roxbury MA, stick to lighter, brighter hues as a pick-me-up instead.

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Size matters too

Overly large arrangements can be overwhelming in a small hospital room with limited space. Compact bouquets or single-stem flowers allow your friend to easily enjoy their gift without clutter. Make sure the vase will fit on any available bedside tables or counters. Smaller designs demonstrate your consideration.

Don’t overdo it

Now you may be thinking bigger is better when it comes to floral gifts. More flowers equals more cheer, right? Not necessarily. Too many blooms can come across as trying too hard or may wilt quickly in the vase without water. Quality over quantity is key here. Select a colorful assortment of 5-7 flowers from your favorite flower shop in Boston and it will do the rest!

Choose a thoughtful container

Your choice of container is also significant. Flimsy wrapping or tissue paper can damage delicate petals and isn’t very long-lasting. Consider a reusable glass vase or basket your friend can keep and enjoy for future bouquets. Cute potted succulents or homemade cookie bouquets are low-maintenance options if flowers aren’t permitted. The vessel should complement rather than outshine the arrangement.

Include a personal note

Most importantly, include a heartfelt personal note. Handwritten messages of support, funny memories, or hopes for a speedy recovery and homecoming lift spirits far beyond any floral arrangement. Your friend needs to know you care and are thinking of them during this challenging time. A few kind words can work wonders!

Any flowers will brighten a hospital stay when selected with care and the recipient in mind. Keep these tips in consideration for the perfect pick-me-up gift. With the centerpiece flower shop, you can deliver a thoughtfully chosen get well present that smiles. Order today and your friend will surely feel the love.

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