How to Check Mouse DPI Windows 11?

This article will give information about how to check mouse DPI on your computer. The full form of DPI is dots per inch. This is the measuring standard of mouse sensitivity. The speed of the pointer depends on the DPI of the mouse. As the DPI is increasing, the mouse sensitivity is also increasing. This would be affecting the speed of the cursor. It can be increased or decreased. The speed of the pointer can be adjusted as per the requirement of the user.

How to check mouse DPI?

If the user gets the information about the speed of the DPI then they can adjust the DPI as per the requirement for the particular task. For checking the DPI of the mouse, there are various options which are listed below:

1. Check the manufacturer’s website: This is the best option for checking the speed of the DPI. The user can open the official page of the product and get information about the DPI from the technical specification section. You can even use different online sources to get information about the product DPI. The user can also check the details on the hard copy provided by the company. This is a valid and helpful way but you would not get the accurate DPI. For checking the accurate DPI, you can even use other ways.

2.Using MS Paint: This is another useful way to check the DPI of the mouse. The user can use MS Paint to check the DPI. The value provided by the MS paint cannot be accurate but would tell the average estimate of the DPI. To get the information in Microsoft Paint, you have to follow certain steps which are:

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·        The user has to open the Microsoft Paint on their computer.

·        You have to set the zoom level of the paint to 100%.

·        Then click on the brush.

·        You have to take the cursor to the left side till then you will be able to see zero.

·        The number would change when you move the cursor to the right.

3.   DPI analyzer tool: The user can use the DPI analyzer which is an online source for checking the DPI. This online tool is a handy tool for checking the actual DPI. You would be requiring a pen and paper for checking the DPI. The user has to draw lines like in a ruler. They have to move the paper from left to right. Many tools are just like DPI analyzers which are mouse DPI calculators, and many more.


Mouse DPI is the main part that the user must check before performing a particular task. There are various ways to check the DPI of the mouse and it is very easy to use. You can even adjust the mouse sensitivity as per convenience. It would take some time to check and adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. Various sources are provided online for checking.


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