How to Change Name on Ryanair Flight?

Booking a flight is an exciting part of travel planning, but what happens when you realize there’s a mistake in your name on the ticket? Or perhaps your circumstances have changed, and you need to transfer your booking to another person. If you’ve booked with Ryanair and find yourself in such a situation, don’t worry; changing the name on your Ryanair flight is possible, though it comes with some rules and procedures to follow.

1. Understand Ryanair’s Name Change Policy:

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to be aware of Ryanair name change policy. Ryanair generally does not allow name changes on flight bookings. However, they do offer a “Name Change Correction” service for some minor errors, like correcting a typo. This service is available within 24 hours of booking, and a fee may apply.

2. Assess Your Situation:

If you’re beyond the 24-hour window or need to change the name for a different reason (e.g., transferring the booking to someone else), you’ll likely face more significant challenges. Ryanair typically doesn’t permit these changes and may require you to cancel and rebook the ticket, which could result in additional fees and fare differences.

3. Contact Ryanair Customer Service:

Your best course of action is to get in touch with Ryanair’s customer service team. Explain your situation and see if they can offer any solutions or guidance. While they might not be able to change the name directly, they can provide information on available options and potential costs.

4. Consider Travel Insurance:

If you anticipate the need for name changes or flexibility in your travel plans, consider purchasing travel insurance that covers name change fees or allows you to transfer the ticket to another person. This can provide peace of mind in case unexpected changes arise.

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In summary, changing the name on a Ryanair flight can be challenging, especially if it involves more than a minor correction. Understanding the airline’s policies and reaching out to their customer service team for assistance are your best strategies when facing this situation. Remember to double-check your booking details to avoid name-related issues in the first place, as prevention is often the best approach.

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