How SEO can be Improved

The internet has changed the concept of business. Businesses are now being done over the internet, known as online businesses. In an online business, the customer doesn’t have to go anywhere; instead, he can shop while being at home.

To start an online business you need a website where you can display your products or services.  After developing your website, marketing is the main job. Marketing your business should be done perfectly to get a good conversion rate.

There is a method of marketing your website which is called SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization. It helps you to rank your website on the first page of search engines in any country you want to.

How SEO is done?

1) Choosing the right keywords:  Since your website pages are ranked on keywords, so keyword selection is one of the major steps of SEO.  The right keyword can rank your website. For instance, you have a website that sells handbags in the USA.  Identify the right phrase for your website such as “best handbags in the USA” or “cheap handbags in the USA” ETC. When you see these keywords on Google, it gives you more keyword suggestions. The suggestions given by Google are the most searched queries by the people.
You can also use keyword selection tools such as Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Ahref, etc.  The keywords you select must have high searches but with low competition. If the competition is high on the keyword is high, it will take much time to rank your website.

2) Update your content regularly: Always remember content is the king. Content is the only thing through which you can urge search engines to rank your website. If your content is enhancing the knowledge of the reader and is unique then your website might rank. You also need to update your content frequently like once in 6 months.

Content could be of different types. It can be a blog, an article, a podcast, etc. Each type of content has to be updated regularly. When you write a blog or an article make sure you insert your webpage link so that the reader can have a piece of detailed knowledge about that topic.

3) Meta title and meta description: Either your website is customized or designed on WordPress, you got to write accurate metadata.

Meta title: Your meta title is the title that is displayed as the link on the search engines. Your keywords must be included in your Meta title. Make sure your Meta title doesn’t exceed 55 characters (alphabets).

Meta description: It is a textual description of the content written within. Your meta description must also contain keywords. The Meta description must not be more than 155 characters.

4) Improve your page loading speed: Most of the time it happens that a customer waits for more than a minute for the website to open. This leaves a bad impression on your website. This is impacts your ranking because Google doesn’t rank websites that take too much time to load.

5) Add internal linking: Internal linking is good for SEO as well as the audience who engages with your websites. Internal kinking provides the audience with deep information or knowledge about a particular topic. For instance, you have a website that provides assignment help to students.  The content of your page is describing why students need assignment help. You can add an internal link that can take the reader to a page where he can get to see the prices of your services and contact info.

6) Fix broken links if any: When a website has a link, when clicked takes us nowhere or an invalid website. It is called a broken link. Having any broken link on a website can cause you to fall off your ranking on the search engines.


If you want to market your website then SEO is the best and the only way of marketing on search engines.  SEO also helps you to increase your conversion rates and gives you the privilege to reach out to your target audience. Apart from SEO, you can also market your business through social media.

Md Shimul is a professional blogger and digital marketer at Writes about SEO, Digital Marketing, WordPress, SMM, Affiliate Marketing, Web Design and Development.

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