Five Techniques To Get Followers On Facebook

Getting followers on Facebook quickly is what my clients ask me the most. Here are the 5 best techniques and a trap to avoid to get more Facebook subscribers.

To get subscribers on your Facebook page quickly, you need to understand how Facebook works and use its tools. The main elements are selecting who to invite, having a relevant page name and giving a good reason to follow our posts.

Facebook has changed how it works, and you must adapt to succeed. There are certain traps to avoid, and today, you have to be cunning to have a lot of subscribers. Thanks to my experience, I could identify 5 primary techniques, which I detail here.

How To Get Followers On Facebook Quickly? 5 Essential Techniques:

Followers are different from friends on Facebook because they are not directly connected to your profile. They login to your Professionals page. Depending on preferences, subscribers can be called “Fans” or “Followers” ​​.

Since I took care of my clients’ Facebook pages, in my former jobs, or for this site, I have noticed simple and accessible techniques to have Fans on Facebook.

1. Invite certain friends to like the Facebook page

This is what is offered to you as soon as your page is created. We suggest you invite your friends to have a subscriber base for your page. The trap here is to invite all your friends.

To invite your friends to Facebook, go to your page. Then, you must click the “invite friends” button, accessible after clicking on the three little dots.

Only invite those who will respond to what you post. They must, therefore, already be interested in the theme of your page. If this is not the case, ask them personally not to like your page and ask them to react as often as possible to what you publish.

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The interest here is to have so-called “qualified” subscribers. I talk about it later in this article; it is essential to assimilate to have a successful page.

2. Add a link to your page on your website.

People visiting your website can be simple passengers or potential customers. If they are interested in your business, they will not hesitate to subscribe to your FB page.

So make sure it is visible on your site with a widget, for example, that will display the Facebook logo.

Usually, if they subscribe to your page through your website, they are highly qualified subscribers because they are interested in what you do.

3. Have an optimized Facebook page name…

… Who is looking for himself?

Search on Facebook will be more and more critical for this article. Enjoy! The name of your page must, therefore, contain the main keyword of your activity. If you sell flowers, name the page “Selling Flowers” ​​and then your brand’s name. This way, all searches on flowers will result in your page.

If your business isn’t a well-known brand like “Coca-Cola” or “Disney,” you can imagine that few people will search for your business name on Facebook.

My Facebook page brings me subscribers every day, thanks to this technique. As you see, I’m talking about free marketing training. So, I named my page like this. Who would pick me up besides my mother if I had named my page Raphael P?

To change the name of your Facebook page, you can access the About Tab, then go to Page Name and Edit the name directly. Facebook will then either approve or not approve your request.

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This will help you grow your qualified audience (which I will talk about later in this article) since the likes will come from people who have searched for the basis of your activity.

4. Invite Non-Subscribers who like your posts.

When you publish photos, videos, articles, links… your subscribers like or react… OK. But as you know, liking makes your publication visible on the news feed of your subscriber’s friends, and they can thus react to your publication even though they were not subscribed to your page.

When they do, you can spot these people who have yet to be subscribers but have clearly expressed an interest in what you do. Facebook then offers to invite these people to like your page.

Click on one of your publications.

Click on the likes and reactions.

You have access to the list of people who reacted.

Invite people when the button appears.

5. Include your page link in your email signature.

When you send emails, it is necessarily for your customers or prospects who are subscribed to your company.

So insert the URLs of your Facebook pages, Twitter, and other RS ​​to inform them that you are present on the RS!

This may seem “too” simple, but it is often a good way for your contacts to learn more about your business. Seeing that going to your page is accessible will encourage you to click.

You risk not being able to show your publications to people interested in your page (or even those who speak your language…), and Facebook can ban your account for life for this practice. Conclusion: On Facebook, the number doesn’t matter. Only quality counts.

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How To Obtain “Qualified” Subscribers On Your Facebook Page?

You have just discovered 5 techniques to increase your number of fans on Facebook. You need to understand several professional bases first.

Facebook wants your page to be relevant to your followers, so think carefully before performing each action. Gaining Facebook subscribers is simple and effective if the actions are done well and targeted to the right people.

Therefore, You must obtain “followers” ​​who have value and will help your page grow.

Qualified subscribers are subscribers who are thoroughly interested in what you do. They will react, comment and share your publications more quickly than “unqualified” subscribers.

Ultimately, your subscribers serve as a springboard to attract more and more people.

And Facebook has understood this well and decided to reward subscribers who get involved. This is why the “Super-Fan” badge was created.

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