Double Trouble on Wheels?

A double stroller can make life easier if you have twins or small children. With all the choices available, it could be a challenge to pick the best one.

Your choice of a double stroller will depend on the model you select. The Lab experts look at a range of aspects when deciding on the best double strollers.


The trunk of your car can take up more space with two strollers. They also weigh more. It’s the reason you should consider the size of your trunk and car doors when comparing different models.

If your kids are close in age, a side-by-side double stroller might work best. This will allow children to travel in tandem and play with one another. But it can be more difficult to maneuver than a tandem stroller.

A model that stands and seats is an excellent option for older children to work out. Our test subjects liked this model because it comes with padded bumper bars as well as adjustable five-point harnesses which can be easily threaded and buckle, and seating with generously sized, independently recliners that can recline. The canopy also has large windows that can be seen from the outside. This compact, lightweight double stroller makes a great choice for travel. It is also compatible with Graco Click Connect Infant Car Seats.


The strength of the upper body is what parents rely on all day. It’s therefore important to select the right double stroller that is lightweight and easy to move. The lightest compact strollers weigh less than 24 pounds and are quickly folded up and carried by most adults.

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A great double stroller that is lightweight also has some attributes that make it easy for parents to use, including cups and snacks holders, a parent tray and seat, and a sunshade with peekaboo windows. This low-cost option is a top pick of our lab experts because it features adjustable footrests and various riding positions, and it can accommodate Graco car seats for infants (a huge benefit when traveling).

Most double strollers that are fully-featured, however, weigh over 30 pounds with two child seats, which can be too much for some families to handle. To prevent this from happening, opt for a convertible model that allows you to remove the seats in one or both when your children become older. There are also add-ons available like a glider for a third child to stand up and take a ride.


No matter which model of double stroller you pick they’ll need space within your home. Some models can be mounted against the wall (with an installation kit, of course) for easy access, but out of view.

In addition to ample storage, the most effective double strollers also come with an carrying case, which makes it easier for parents to transport their infants on outings. This is particularly useful when traveling as many airlines have strict rules regarding increase the sharpness of your lawn mower blades size of luggage and weight.

Double strollers must also come with an expansive canopy, a cup for the parent holder, and pockets for snacks and keys behind the seats. Additionally, some strollers also have another basket that can be easily reached under the front seat. Our reviewers find this to be very handy. Sit-and-stand strollers on the other hand, are slim and light, making them more easy to get in and out of a car in comparison to the majority of double strollers.

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Whether you have twins or children who are close to age, a double stroller could be life-saving when you must transport both of them at once. These strollers include everything from small tandem buggies to more versatile side-by-side buggies, can help you keep both children in sight and let them explore the surroundings in a group.

It is also important to have safety features like locks and five-point harnesses that keep your child firmly strapped in. “If you have children who have a tendency to get out of their seats choose a seat that has an adjustable seat which can keep them secure,” says Cavasino.

Other important safety features include a padded seat as well as an adjustable handlebars that can accommodate parents and caregivers of different heights. And if you’re planning to take your double stroller on the go, be sure it’s easy to fold and fit into your vehicle or trunk.

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