MSc Physics is one of the widely studied academic disciplines which are taught by many prestigious institutes for years now. This course focuses on giving in-depth knowledge on many different principles of Physics to the students. This is a 2 year course which provides students with all the required learning that they need to make a strong and successful career in the field of science and physics, and its related domains. The whole msc physics syllabus allows the students to gain knowledge on the different methodologies which are implemented in the physics related work fields. The course basically targets the students to gain skills and experience in the specialised areas that they choose, and the whole syllabus of it is designed in a way that it meets and fulfils all the major goals which are set for this course. The subjects of MSc Physics are very diverse, and include both core and elective subjects. If you are someone who is looking to get a masters degree in Physics, then it is always better to understand its course structure & syllabus beforehand, and for that, we got you covered through this article.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details on the syllabus on MSc Physics, such as its semester wise division, stream wise different subjects and courses, the whole course structure of MSc Physics & much more. So just keep reading below to check out all the info.

Msc physics syllabus semester wise

The MSc Physics is considered to be a very tough degree, which is regulated with some of the most significant and important subjects. This is a two-year course, which consists of different elective and core subjects that are taught to students. Most of the universities and colleges follow the curriculum which is UGC- Instructed. So the course syllabus of MSc Physics is divided into 4 semesters, where 2 semesters each goes for 1 year. Each of the topics which are included in these semesters have some specific objectives. 

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The whole syllabus of it is designed in such a way that it helps students to improve their analytical power and also broadens the horizon of their approach and knowledge. As they study this course, they obtain the ability to demonstrate skills, knowledge in different fields. They are able to implement the knowledge that they have acquired to resolve scientific matters that are closely related to their subjects and domain.

Now, the first year msc physics syllabus is divided into 2 semesters, details of which are as follows-

  1. Semester 1-
  1. Quantum Mechanics
  2. Solid State Physics
  3. Mathematical Physics
  4. Classical Mechanics
  5. Fundamentals of MATLAB
  6. LABS
  1. Semester 2-
  1. Atomic Physics
  2. Spectroscope
  3. Electronics
  4. Renewable Energy Sources
  5. Advanced Quantum Mechanics
  6. Statistical Mechanics

And then, second year of MSc Physics has 2 more semesters, which includes following subjects-

  1. Semester 3-
  1. Nuclear Physics
  2. Specialisation Subjects
  3. Dissertation/Thesis 1
  4. Electromagnetics
  1. Semester 4-
  1. Specialisation Subjects
  2. Open Elective
  3. Dissertation/Thesis 2

Msc physics syllabus stream wise

There are many different streams in the MSc Physics, but two of the most popular and important courses are MSc Nuclear Physics and MSc Geophysics, which are mostly opted by the students. So the details of the streamwise subjects of both these courses are provided below-

  1. MSc Geographics- This is considered to be a very important stream in MSc Physic. This is a branch of earth science, which is one of the most sought after courses among students all over. Domains like experiments, laboratory studies and traditional classroom instruction are all very important parts of the MSc Geographics syllabus. So the subjects which are included in this stream are as follows-
  1. Solid Earth Geographics
  2. Elements of Geology
  3. Applied Geology
  4. Electrical Methods
  5. Gravity and Magnetic Methods
  6. Geo Exploration and Surveying1587
  7. Language and Communication Skills I
  8. Fundamentals of Mathematics and Physics
  9. Numerical Methods and Computer Programming
  10. Practical Modules I
  11. Practical Modules II
  12. Language and Communication Skills II
  1. MSc Nuclear Physics- Study of Nuclear Physics helps students to gain knowledge from a wide range of subjects which are related to this field. And so the subjects msc physics syllabus which are a part of this stream’s curriculum are as follows-
  1. General Physics
  2. Electronic Devices and Circuits
  3. Quantum Mechanics I
  4. Electromagnetic Theory
  5. Nuclear Materials
  6. Mobile Communication
  7. Mathematical Physics
  8. Molecular Physics and Spectroscopy Classical Mechanics
  9. Nuclear Detectors and Techniques
  10. Electronic Communications
  11. Soft Skills
  12. Nonlinear Optics, Integrated Optics and Laser
  13. Nuclear Physics and Optical Physics and Safety aspects of ionising radiations
  14. Practical I
  15. Practical II
  16. Internship
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The course structure of MSc Physics

The complete course structure of the MSc physics program offers a study of a wide variety of elective as well as core subjects to the students. In the very first year of the course, students are introduced and taught about the basic fundamental subjects. Then, in the second year, they are introduced to some specific subjects which are more related to their chosen specialisation, and are also filled with advanced concepts. In addition to the core and elective subjects, students are also provided with the lab sessions to enhance their theoretical and practical thinking. Also, students must prepare a research project by the end of the 2nd year in order to obtain deep practical and theoretical knowledge, and they are also provided marks based on this. And so the main target of the whole msc physics syllabus is to get students exposed to some of the best subjects, such as biophysics, classical mechanics, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, atomic and molecular physics, condensed matter physics, electronics communication, electromagnetism and many more.

Thus, this program aims to prepare the students to easily take the responsibilities of their career and explore different science fields afterwards. Now, if we take a look at the structure of the whole MSc Physics course, it is as follows-

  1. Firstly, the whole course is of 2 years which is divided into 4 semesters.
  2. Then, all these 4 semesters are packed with core subjects.
  3. They also include elective subjects.
  4. There are lab subjects and practical workshops take place for practical and hands-on knowledge.
  5. Then, finally students have to make the research projects and make the thesis submission.
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