Applicant Tracking Systems in India: What Job Hunter Need to Know.

From hiring managers to recruiters, Your application for employment goes through several stages before you get an interview. However, none of them is as misunderstood as application tracking systems, also called the ATS.

What Is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

An applicant tracking system in India(ATS) facilitates corporations to arrange applicants for hiring and recruitment purposes. These structures permit agencies to gather information, arrange possibilities primarily based totally on revel in and talent set, and clear out out applicants. More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies presently use an applicant tracking system.

While those structures are super for storing candidate information, the fine ATS structures can tune all communications with applicants. It makes it smooth to look at and clear out resumes and different candidate information, reducing time-to-fill and ensuring that corporations get the fine applicants for the position. Are you wondering, “how does an applicant tracking system useful resource an HR manager?” Learn greater approximately what agencies can do with the proper ATS device.

An applicant tracking system for recruiters simplifies the recruiting system by using intuitive intelligence to display the fine, maximum certified applicants. Since many open positions can appeal to loads or maybe lots of applicants without the vital qualifications, this protects corporations and recruiters time that could in any other case be spent manually hunting down those applicants.

Why Companies Use Applicant Tracking Systems.

Larger companies prefer using applicant tracking systems since it speeds the hiring process. When an organization is screening candidates for multiple positions simultaneously, it may not have the personnel or budget to process applications quickly.

While a person screening your resume will spend about seven seconds scouring the resume to make a final choice, a human screener will only examine one resume. Screening onto a machine speeds the process and makes recruiters free to do other duties (like the interviewing process and hiring).

How Do Applicant Tracking Systems Work?

Knowing the basics of an application tracking program and what it does and how they work will aid in creating a better one that yields results.

  • They Collect and Rank
    In some ways, the applicant tracking systems are a little greater than an electronic file system. If you send your application to an applicant tracking program, it saves your resume within the system so that hiring managers can find your resume at any time that suits them.

Although recruiters can glance through each utility at the ATS, many enjoy the automated rating that the ATS offers every applicant. A resume can evaluate based on various elements such as skills or experiences. If you have more elements the ATS discovers within your profile, the better your ranking, placing you high on the pile of candidates when hiring managers go through resumes.

  • They’re Keyword-Sensitive
    Applicant tracking systems can be significant for businesses to streamline the process of recruiting. One way ATSs achieve this is by keyword use.

It is programmed to scan for specific phrases in the resume and cover letter. If you have the appropriate keywords, you have more chances of getting your application on the way to the next stage. Don’t include them, and your application could get tossed into the “no” pile, no regardless of how well-qualified you may be.

How do you determine which keywords you should include in your resume? In short, read the job description to find the keywords or phrases mentioned the most frequently. If they’re related to the job’s primary tasks, you’ve likely found a keyword. However, it would help if you only used keywords relevant to your skills.

How to Get Past Applicant Tracking System?

ATSs are screened out either because the application doesn’t reflect the desired qualifications or are formatted in a way that the system can’t digest the information.

There isn’t a magic method to “beating the system,” there are steps you can follow to help you get your resume into the system of tracking applicants and into the HR software India system department’s hands. Here are some tips given below.

  • Thoroughly read the Posting.
    If you go through the job description, Don’t just glance through it and submit your application. Search for keywords, basic job titles as well as the experience required.
    Add these skills throughout your job application, so you can ensure that ATS will be able to recognize them and move you into the next phase.
  • Customize Your Application
    When you submit your resume, your application to an applicant tracker system, be sure you personalize your letter of cover and make your resume unique for each job you’re interested in. Utilizing keywords and specific examples that will help you explain why you are the perfect candidate to fill the position.
  • Fill Everything In
    Be sure to fill in each field on the online application with accurate and correct data. Making mistakes in your application could result in it being rejected.
  • Keep It Simple
    Frana suggests that applicants make use of simple document formatting. “Upload your resume in word documents (or .docx) which does not contain graphs, charts, text boxes, columns. Do not include your personal information in the footer or header in your resume. This helps ensure that the information is correctly parsed. So, despite the fact that the key phrases match, the applicant won’t be properly scored due to the formatting issue.” In the end, Frana factors out that “easy formatting additionally makes it simpler to your file to be examine on a cell device!
  • Use HR Wording
    The system for tracking applicants do not like overly formal words. When composing your application, make sure it’s simple and straight to the point. Utilize phrases and words like “work experience,” “education,” “skills,” and “certifications.” While it could appear that you’re submitting an uninteresting application, it’s best to make an easy form that applicant tracking systems accepts instead of being rejected entirely.

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