A Day at Snow World Noida – Our Experience Visiting with Family in the Summer

Beat the heat by giving your family a Snow World treat. Visiting a place that not only cools down your mind but the body too is such a blessing during the hottest summer. 

Summers are really hard to beat, but giving yourself a vacation and visiting the most fun place like Snow World is the best hard work treat. So what are you waiting for? Make a plan and come to experience snow in this peakest summer. Here you can shop at the mall, enjoy games at the fun zone, and on top of that can enjoy snow skiing, skating, or other fun. Let’s know more about Snow World Noida.

Snow World Noida, is the best place to visit in the summers

Why beat your summers at home? Add some fun and ice into it and fill your social media with lots and lots of attractive pictures and videos. Do you know why people prefer visiting the Snow World Delhi the most?

  • You can visit here with your family and it is also a fun place for couples and kids as well.
  • We have various activities to do here for every age.
  • To play in the snow, you don’t need to visit Shimla or other hill stations when it is available in your location- Noida.
  • It is situated in the top section of DLF Mall Noida which is the most ambience mall there.
  • You will get a great fun zone as well there, before diving into the snow world or skii India.
  • You can also do various adventurous activities here.
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You will get unlimited fun and a worthy holiday at your location and within your budget.

What is the ticket price of the Snow World?

If we talk about the price of a ticket, then it is very affordable. It varies according to your booking, whether offline or online. You get various offers in online booking, seasonal discounts and even it offers discounts for students as well. Snow World Tickets prices of the snow world vary from Rs. 800 to 1000.

See how reasonable it is. If you prefer going to hill stations just for snow, this will be your traveling expenses. So why waste time and money? Come here and experience the best snowy world which is available in your area.

Activities at Snow World, Noida

This sci-fi snow world in Noida operates at (-10) degrees Celsius. You can experience various snow activities there with your family:

  • Experience the magic of snowfall
  • Play area for kids where they can make snowmen, throw snowballs, etc.
  • Sliding activities on ice slops
  • Height snowy mountains to climb and jump
  • Ice skating area to enjoy gliding activities
  • Sludging on a small tube
  • Build snow castles
  • Snow dancing area
  • Cafeteria in the snow. Enjoy hot beverages and light snacks in the snow.

Summing up the article

Have a blasting summer picnic at Snow World in Noida. Do shop, play games, and then reward yourself with the coolness of the snow. You will get a locker and first aid facility there.

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