4 ways to get more Instagram followers

Instagram is the largest social network. But it’s more than just seeing beautiful pictures of other bloggers. Have you already created an Instagram business account for your company? You are probably already posting content on the channel and getting likes and positive feedback! But you wonder why the number of your Instagram followers doesn’t grow very much? We’ll show you what you can do so you can list more free Instagram followers for your business account!

Promoting your brand through Instagram is a great way to generate new customers. Most of the other bloggers are also on Instagram. But this is only possible if you get more free Instagram followers.

How to get more Instagram followers

With these four strategies, you can strengthen your Instagram fan community:

Create an excellent bio for your account

Give your account personality

Use efficient hashtags to win new Instagram followers

Build content for your fans in your Instagram stories

Now, we take a closer look at each of the individual strategies.

1. Create an excellent bio for your account

Put together an Instagram bio that links to your website so you can get more free Instagram followers.

Do you want people to follow your small business or large company on Instagram to deal with your products or services and find you easily? Your Instagram bio should represent you and your company and break down who you are. Remember that you integrate the correct link to your website. Unfortunately, you can only insert a link into your organic. https://comprarseguidoresreaisportugal.com/

Remember that the link in the bio is often the first click for your company for the potential customer.

For example, what you can expect on your website or which products. Services you offer on your website. So, it would help if you got people to click on your website. Because once people are on your website, there is a greater chance that they will purchase there.

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If it makes sense, you can use a hashtag that goes well with your company. Or you can create a hashtag that is tailored to your company. Football MML, for example, uses #football and #MML from their hashtags and links their accounts in the bio.

2. Give your account personality

Your company has a unique personality – as well as your Instagram account.

The users on Instagram appreciate authenticity. You want to deal with content that feels real and real. And they are ingenious in recognizing content that comes across as fake or false.

So, choose a communication that is credible and reflects you. Users will appreciate this when they get to know the true personality behind your company. Your real character will help you get more about Instagram Follower.

How can you incorporate your personality into your content? Try it out with user-generated content, questions, and content about everyday office life.

User-generated content

Have you already started using content created by users? Your followers/customers offer you a great range to share. Use the advantage that you can share the content – so you know that your target group will potentially like it.

This is an example of Choppaluna (formerly SALAID). @choppaluna shows that they have posted an image in their feed in which they have been marked by a user and are reposting it. They then have the user directly in the picture and show him an appreciation for their customers and users’ importance to them.


You can also use your captions to ask the active Instagram users questions. This increases engagement and can even increase the number of your Instagram followers.

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You can also ask your followers for feedback about you and your company. For example, “What is your favorite dish? “or “If you could want a recipe for one of our dishes, what would it be? “. You could share this paired with some pictures of your followers.

Present your team

It’s great to show the team behind a brand. It motivates your employees when they find themselves on social media channels. It also gives your company a face to the brand that people can trust.

This is an example of the Café Einfach Rosa / @cafeeinfachrosa, which shows their entire team and thus passes the team spirit on to their followers. The viewers feel comfortable and familiar. The Café Einfach Rosa manages to pass on its emotions to the viewer.

When people looking for your business see a variety of content like this, reposts from your fans, captions that invite you to comment, and posts that show your team spirit, they will be attracted to your account.

3. Surprisingly good results: Use efficient hashtags to win new and real followers

Hashtags create excellent visibility for a post or campaign on Instagram and can help you reach your target group and increase the number of your Instagram followers.

In addition to your brand hashtags (in our case, that would be #FangAn) that you add to your posts, focus on relevant hashtags from your community. Use hashtags your target group uses and get into their cosmos and care.

In this way, anyone looking for a hashtag relevant to your company will come across your account and could become a new Instagram follower.

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Brand, industry, and local hashtags follow in the caption at @stairs_bar_berlin. You can underpin these with hashtags that use your district/region, neighborhood or community and thus underpin your post.

Brand hashtags: #stairsbarberlin

Industry hashtags: #cocktailtime #instadrinks #wecreateyourdrinks

Local hashtags: #bestbarsberlin #berlinbars #berlincity

Reginal hashtags: #barsimwesten

Real users can discover content by searching hashtags or encountering related posts. If you find your contribution to these hashtags and see your great pictures or most popular photos, you may become genuine followers of your account.

4. Instagram Follower: Install content for your fans in your Instagram stories

Take your Instagram followers on a trip – post your customer stories in the feed on Instagram Stories to get more Instagram followers.

Always pay attention to what your followers post in the stories. Many could mark you and your company so that you can post these stories in your accounts. So you have fresh daily content in your stories that users see, that you are active on Instagram, and can win an Instagram follower (who became aware of you through the level of the user and the marker).

And so you do it:

When a user mentions you in a story, that story appears in your DM (Direct Message).

Then click “Add this to your story in the DM area in the report mentioned! “.

On the story creation screen, you can customize the largest of the story and add stickers, text, and a different background.

Click “Send “and add this user-generated content to your stories.

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