2 Effective Solutions to Convert EML to MBOX File Format

We’ll address the most often-asked issue in this blog: How can I convert an EML file to an MBOX file without any bother or integrity loss? I’ll also provide you access to the most common EML file converter tool at the conclusion of this post. But first, let’s talk about what it means to convert EML and MBOX files.

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What Is The Meaning Of EML And MBOX?

EML: Email clients employ EML files, which are typically used as file formats by most email clients. You may save emails independently and contain sender and recipient information along with the date, subject, and other information.

The EML file format is supported by several applications including Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Microsoft Outlook. When storing text messages, Microsoft uses the Internet Message Format syntax and the EML file format.

MBOX: Users can utilize specialist software to open MBOX files. The MBOX files preserve a single file containing several messages as plain text. The MBOX file format is supported by almost all email clients. Messages are saved in the MBOX file format in the attached format, where each communication is listed one after the other. All text editors, including Notepad, Atom, and Text Editor, may access a variety of database files, including this one.

2 Options:- EML to MBOX File Conversion

You may export EML to MBOX files using one of two approaches. The Manual approach and the Third-Party solution are the first and second solutions, respectively. Let’s get started talking about EML file to MBOX conversion options.

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One solution is to use the Thunderbird application to convert EML to MBOX.

All users can access the Mozilla Thunderbird email client program without spending any money on it. It is an open-source platform where you can easily configure different email clients as well. Therefore, one may start converting EML files to MBOX file types by using this application.

Step 1: Configure the Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Start by downloading and installing the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your computer, and then launch it.
  • Next, create a new account and configure the email address. (Include login information such as user name, password, and email address).
  • After the account has been set up, Mozilla Thunderbird’s left panel will display information about your account and folders.
  • Then, create a new folder by tapping directly on the local folder.
  • The EML file should now be dropped into the new folder.
  • At last, Mozilla Thunderbird will properly save your EML file.

Step 2: Use Mozilla Thunderbird’s Add-On Feature.

  • You must first navigate to the tools menu and select Add-ons and Themes.
  • After that, choose Add to Thunderbird after finding ImportExportTools NG.
  • Restart Thunderbird after the Add-on has been installed.
  • After that, select the EML file folder using the right button.
  • Press the ImportExportTools NG button.
  • After deciding the route to save your EML files in MBOX file format, select an export folder.
  • Select the “Save” button.
  • Visit the location you saved, and you may then access your MBOX files.
  • Consider using the same procedures if you have a lot of EML files. Therefore, it is difficult to save your time, so I urge you to utilize a third-party solution to convert EML files to MBOX.

2 Solution: Use a third-party service to convert EML to MBOX

Many experts advise using a third-party service. If you use this way to convert EML to MBOX Mac files, you must be aware of the most secure program; if you aren’t, I would recommend the Softaken EML to MBOX Converter program. You may convert EML files to MBOX without losing data or modifying the content with the help of this fantastic and reliable program.

Why Did You Choose EML File Converter

With this program, you can easily convert EML files to MBOX along with other file types like PST, MSG, etc.

Because it can import EML files into several email clients, including Thunderbird, Outlook, and many more, it is a very superior tool.

This utility also converts EML files to MBOX files, including attachments like emails, calendars, contacts, and other objects.

The majority of EML files and emails can be converted to MBOX file type.

How to Run Third-Party Solution Tool to Convert EML to MBOX File

  • Download the software in your Operating System
  • Launch the application
  • Browse the files that you want to export
  • Preview those selected files
  • Make a decision on the format in which you wish to export your EML files.
  • Select where to save the produced EML file.
  • Hit on the convert option to begin the transformation process.

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We covered both manual and third-party solution techniques in the aforementioned post. When using the manual approach to convert EML to MBOX files, there is a danger that the files might be damaged, and it takes a lot of time—but only if you are unable to even attempt to understand the technical studies. If this is a problem you would rather avoid, use a third-party solution. It is entirely up to you; both options are useful depending on your skill. 

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